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Power is possibility. All possibilities are related to the presence or absence of power. There’s different kinds of power. There is the power of the City, which is social power, higher and lower classes, economic power, having a lot or having a little. That’s one kind of power. There’s also a kind of power that is just sheer force, sheer power. It’s like looking at the ocean, and you see all of that force just laying there. Some days the ocean is wrathful with terrible and terrifying storms – that is power. Power operates that way. Sometimes it’s quiescent, sometimes it’s wrathful and swift. This kind of power is the unseen power of spirit. It is the true power. It is awesome, it is terrifying, and it is exact.
When you get involved with power, everything that you bring to the situation is manifest. So you come to understand who and what you truly are. This is why it’s a little bit dangerous, and why you want to have as much training as possible when you come in to more and more access with power. Are you mature enough to handle that power? The ability to arise in a state of power, and operate in a cultivated and mature state of psychology is harder than it looks, because of the infinite possibilities present in power. There are deep challenges to attracting, gaining, storing and integrating power. This is what spiritual training is about.