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It’s easy to think of the generation of karma as spooling onto the system, and it is the accumulation of this data, the record of cause and effect, which is the conditioning energy of desire-based action. This produces the quality of attachment to various forms of behavior, which creates a quality of fabrication – the karma conditions perception and brings about proliferating obscuration.
As the kundalini moves in the three central nerves of sushumna, ida, and pingala, descending from the crown and rising from the base, it strikes the chakras and activates them, and as it does so a force of incredible purity and intensity begins to flow which has the effect of erasing these stored and accumulated piles of karma from countless lifetimes

As the accumulation of karma is erased by the movement of the kundalini through the system, the effect of the proliferating obscuration is removed very much like the sun burns off fog, and the underlying fundamental consciousness begins to emerge. This is the essential process of awakening.