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The big issue when you reincarnate is the downloading of the new brain. What out of the incredible storehouse of experiences – countless feelings, thoughts, actions and their results – is the most necessary to download to form the new identity? You don’t need it all; you don’t have the force to download it all even if you wanted to.
We’re in the Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, which means that you are pretty much on your own. Nobody has taught you anything about the downloading of the brain, and you end up picking stuff randomly because you think you need it, or it’s a shiny object and you just want it. It’s just like kids, they always want what’s worst for them first and somebody has to be there to guide them to keep them away from disaster.

This is where it becomes useful to gain a relationship to the Guru. More than anything the Guru guides you in the downloading of the new brain, and within ways that can’t be described will cause you to incarnate as close as possible to the Guru who happens to be operating on the planet at the time so they can set things in motion in your favor before you can get too messed up. This is very important.