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Because the senses are hardwired into the brain, they have come to dominate the activity of the brain. The flow of information coming from the senses accounts for 99% of the brain’s activity. Because they’ve taken the lion’s share of the mental force available to each individual, the senses become like an energy consuming dictator. They won’t allow the mind to go into a deeper state, they won’t allow the mind to just sit quietly and rest for a couple of seconds. Always swirling, always moving.

The mind becomes like a bee going from flower to flower, it stays on the surface of things and never gets to the heart of the matter. Everything has been observed, but nothing has been understood. One of the greatest experiences you can have in life is to understand something. When you experience this, when you see it in another person, to watch the mind open and understand, it’s an incredible thing.

As long as the mind is in the thrall of the senses, you will never have enough time or energy to make the inquiry, to plunge into the deep water of your own nature and see what is going on there. If you don’t make this inquiry, all this activity will stay unconscious. You’ll continue to build up this huge storehouse of observation, but you’ll hardly understand any of it.