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Always remember that it is the life that is cultivated, the life that changes. The body comes and goes. As we move in and out of this envelope of creation the body falls away but the mind essence which carries the bill of lading, the content of experiences, migrates from lifetime to lifetime. The content of each life is a constant renegotiation of these qualities. Every single quality from every single life doesn’t reincarnate into the next given life. At the moment of birth there is an arrangement made between the creator and the conditioned soul. What qualities are going to be brought to bear? Oftentimes when you regard the qualities of your life they will actually be a balanced list of strengths and weaknesses – areas of incumbent strength and areas of newly applied challenges that will bring about new strengths but are presently undeveloped. You need the basic strengths as your foundation, but although you may be very good at some things, there are other qualities that haven’t been convincingly cultivated and need to be included in the mix.