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“The mind has conscious, subconscious, and unconscious states. Because we have a proclivity for one level of attention over another, we rarely remember what takes place in the subconscious and unconscious states.

The deeper subconscious and unconscious states emerge out of the primal energies. The primal ignorance is the creation and identification with a separate identity; this is oftentimes characterized as a kind of primal rage or anger because of the amount of psychic energy employed to generate this state. Anger, jealousy, envy, lust, greed – all take root in the primal ignorance necessary to support a false identity.

What makes the Siddha path so dynamic is that it gives you access to your full range of consciousness. How can you come into understanding, control, and eventual realization of every part of yourself if you’re afraid to open the closet door and go down into the basement to see what’s there? At one point or another you have to do this. The Siddha path is one of immediate and direct attention into the matter. Because of its speed and directness, only certain kinds of people are drawn to it. You need to have the willingness to be aware on all the floors of your attention, to go down into the basement, to see what’s down there and, most importantly, to take responsibility for it.”