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Negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors can be grouped into one of three basic categories: attachment, aversion, or delusion. All positive thoughts arise from a single quality: love. Negativity – be it desire, fear, or ignorance – separates us from others. Love dissolves the distance and separation between us and others; it is the inclusion of others into our own identity.

It’s understood that the dynamics of all forms of love – kindness, generosity, patience, humility – are energies that arise at the beginning and pervade to the end of creation. They are infinite; they have no end. Over time, as these positive angels become a part of you and eliminate and leach out the poisons of negativity, you will move from a condition of madness and insanity to one of sanity and awakening.

Love calms the mind and brings it into equilibrium so that the truth may emerge. Each one of the poisons will only lead to another poison. They make it impossible to see the truth. What is your thinking like when you’re under their spell? You’ll act like some kind of demon, and then afterwards feel shame and guilt. It’s just another weight that you have to carry around. There’s nothing to be gained by this. On the other hand, the qualities of love draw you into life so that you can see clearly. Your life becomes fantasy free and you stop living in some kind of fairy tale.