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One of the effects of spiritual training is to allow you to be able to conceive of an experience-based flow of events that does not have an immediate relationship with the yardstick of body and mind. The effect of sustained contact with this mode of operation is that one begins to truly experience oneself as the drop in the ocean.

At what point does something become nothing? To rest your attention at the nexus of the point of arising between the creation and the ocean of infinite consciousness puts the mind in the perfect position to recognize the formation and modality of the moment and bring about its collapse.

The true recognition of emptiness, the insight into the nature of things that are present in the unbelievably complex resolution of opposites that infinite consciousness and creation represent quite literally causes the mind to move to a different level of operation. This movement of attention is referred to as samadhi, satori, the insight of realization. It is experienced as an inconceivable pressure that finally causes the mind to shift its mode of attention so that its order falls away.