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The fact that the name of our world system means ‘endurance’ merits some attention. One of the characteristics of existence in this world system is pressure. As you go through your life arc, you see the exertion of that pressure read on the texture of the mind, the quality of the heart, the appearance of the body. No life form in this system is exempt from this pressure, exempt from the quality of endurance.

We experience this pressure with every breath. We feel pressure exert itself upon us psychically, spiritually, and from the force of our social order. From the dynamic of the deepest impulse of identity we experience a quality of being driven. In this world system even exalted beings experience a very intense and somewhat brutal existence. Thus we have endurance.

What cause creates this world? What is it that is conditioned by this quality of endurance? It is an energy that we would call ‘cause and effect.’ ‘Cause and effect’ is the ruling principle of this place, the source of all pressure, and that which gives rise to the need for the quality of endurance.