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The beauty of the spiritual life and what makes it serious is the fact that we are seeking. The human form is understood as a vessel, and we are seeking to perfect a vessel capable of attracting and sustaining contact with, and becoming filled up with, the most perfected and divine radiance of the Self, of creation. The fact that it can be done is what is incredible. The basic building blocks of the human form have within it that possibility. It can be done.

What is essentially given is the carbon that is transformed into the diamond. All the components are there. Spiritual life – sadhana – what our relationship brings is the pressure to generate that transformation, nothing else. When it comes down to it, that’s what occurs – the seeking of the perfecting of being, the seeking of the supreme identity within oneself. We assemble along principles of identity – that’s what we do. When we finally understand all the components aright, the supreme identity can be put in place and function hand-in-glove with the totality of the human form. It takes some doing, obviously.