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When you gain access to the higher source of light that is the fruit of Shaktipat and your daily practice, you must assert your will and recognize negative habitual patterns of behavior and transform them into a positive movement of energy towards the higher angels – generosity, patience, kindness – which all have love as their foundation.

When you give rise to love as an act of will in a situation where you could have expressed greed, anger, hatred, or envy, you give the situation a chance to breathe and give rise to a moment of awakening instead of reasserting old, restrictive behavior patterns.

Love is an act of will and it takes skill to be able to remember to give rise to it in all conditions. You have to practice it. You’ll find yourself giving way to natural tendencies of negative habitual behavior more frequently than you know. When you give rise to the energy of the forces of restriction, you commit your life’s energy to this and transmit it to everyone else around; it becomes a net with which we collectively hold ourselves in darkness and obscuration.