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In the last few talks that Baba Muktananda gave, that were never more than a hundred words or so at the end, he simply said “fulfill the destiny of your existence”.

Having been given fortunate birth, in a time and place where the Sadguru was present, having gained that company and grace from such a Sadguru, having gained shaktipat living in a time and place where spiritual life is possible do not allow the maya of the world to turn you from your destiny, out of fear, out of ignorance, and having won such a precious treasure, do not allow the jewel of shaktipat, the divine grace – which is the capsule of the divine will of the guru – to fall on hard ground, unfertile ground, out of laziness or inattention.

That the seed of awakening (he spoke very directly) had arisen in Nityananda and been passed to him and he had passed it to us. And we were forever one. And never have any doubt about that.

To guard this treasure in the deepest place, and bring it to fruition. (When he spoke publicly, he always had a subtle formality to his speech) “Fulfill the destiny of your life”. Don’t become confused by the world and take what is great and allow it to go astray or waste. He said, “Whether it is big or small has no meaning. It is only the Truth, it is only the Guru, it is only the God that counts.”