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It is important to generate endurance, in other words to be able to hold a strenuous stance for a deeper and longer amount of time, gives you the ability to dig in to the meat of the matter. If our attention is weak, if our mind flutters from subject to subject, from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, without sustained concentration on a single matter, we’ll only gloss the surface or touch many flowers, but not gain the fruit of any one of them.

To gain the capacity, just the strength – it’s like you’re forging yourself in the fire of what is called tapasya, spiritual fire, your identity, your will, your true nature is forged in that fire. The practices are very powerful and very profound and carry a great impact, but the impact of those practices is only a fraction of what it is when that kind of spiritual life is in concert with the Sankalpa, the Divine Will of the Guru. When the Guru’s grace is present – and the Guru’s grace IS the Divine Will of God – and it is that will that you awake. When that will is present, what we call Shaktipat, it is then that every dynamic of spiritual life bears incredible fruit. And one will be seen to be moving through the stages of spiritual development at every level of self simultaneously.

The Guru’s shakti and the Siddha lineage is an extremely powerful and extremely active ray of awakening present on the earth. It is one of the most certain modes of liberation. The process of awakening is not random in the slightest bit. It is very specific, very personal, very direct.

In the way that the Divine Will of the Guru is the fiber of the line that draws you to liberation. It is, in our part, what we see, what we feel, what we connect to as we consider the mystery of the Guru.