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It takes awhile to learn, to teach yourself to feel the subtle flow of spiritual life that is invisible to the world. That very powerful expressions of consciousness. And most especially when we are dealing with the dynamic of the Guru we are dealing with an idea that is, in Sanskrit termed sankalpa, translates as Divine Will.

It is the sankalpa of the Guru that is the magic ingredient in awakening, where one’s awakening becomes a matter of Divine Will. It is because the Guru exists, because the Siddhas exist, because the lineage exists – and they exist to focus the sankalpa of the Guru’s shakti on those that seek to awaken. What I’m talking about is the highest form of mysticism, the capacity to speak in this incredibly rare language, be present and attentive to it. It’s very interesting in spiritual life, you are moved to spiritual life through a series of causes that appear in one’s heart, mind, soul consciously and unconsciously manifesting, and we begin to make choices that to many and to all appearance would seem to be irrational, the attunement and alignment of one’s life force with this profound power of Divine Will.

We involve ourselves in many aspects of the training, and learn and accumulate the abilities and skill sets of spiritual life: the capacity of the pranayma, the dynamic of concentration, meditation, discrimination, the pratyahara, the stopping the mind, samadhi. And one undergoes these practices as if one were training for the Olympics – very rigorous, very strenuous, direct application. And there would seem to be a link between these activities and the awakening process – and there is indeed when the presence of the S ankalpa, the Divine Will of the Guru is present. In a certain way the dynamic of spiritual practice is a form of training oneself to connect with that Divine Will, learn its speech, gain the capacity to endure the process of transformation that is generated, the very areas of study in physical prana and mental control, all are by-products of the training of spiritual life. Just like training in any discipline.