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When a person has gained Shaktipat, the totality of the equation of God, Guru and Self is in one place, at one time. The gaining of the grace of the Guru, the gaining of Shaktipat, is one of the rarest of jewels, hard won over thousands of incarnations, coming about when a person has brought the dynamic of positive and negative influences in their life stream into equilibrium.

When this occurs, the opportunity for freedom becomes available and God manifests in the form of the Guru. The presence of the Guru is brought into existence by the necessity of the liberation of the soul of the individual. The totality of that origin of the Guru emerging out of that infinite light of God into the life stream of the individual is the most personal of conversations – of the infinite creation, of the oceans, to the drop of the individual that is a part of that ocean. It is profound and mysterious.