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When we are attracted to that which is easy, that which is beautiful, that which is increase, and we fear the approach of challenging conditions, the arising of difficult components of one’s own nature, the expression of difficulties directed at you by others, we miss the point of the whole thing and end up in a kind of condition of increasing neurosis where one’s attention accumulates misdirected mental energy that will continue to build up. And perhaps as an act of will one is capable of holding things in balance to a certain point. But on the scales of life, if any one quality accumulates too much to one side, what does it do? It becomes its opposite.

When you are experiencing a constant flow of difficulties, that means that the negative weight of your karma is unfolding itself in a manageable way. It is also one of the signs of grace. What you want to fear, what you want to be suspect of, is the absence of difficulties, because that means that it is all accumulating in a great ball and it is going to come down on you like an avalanche. There is no avoiding both sides of the scale.