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Hard Light is a collection of beings that agree to take a genuine chance on the edge of spiritual life for as much time as they can stand. Time counted in lifetimes, not in months or years. And we learn in these kinds of settings that spiritual life, like life itself, has its peaks and valleys, its challenges, its victories and its difficulties. People come into this study with various kinds of expectations and degrees of inspiration; they have their strengths and weaknesses, skills that need to be learned. It is, by all means, a learning opportunity, a place where we come to grapple with the issues of the spirit and come to truly know our Self.

Human beings are very complex and are ruled by emotions. They have a tendency towards judgement. Now I’m doing well, now I’m doing poorly. Now I feel good, now I feel bad. The one thing that I’m always trying to express is that there is something underlying all of this. We are always trying to see to that next degree of depth, that next layer of subtlety within our being, to find a deeper and more profound basis of existence.

This is the idea behind meditation and spiritual study. To get off the surface and swim in the depths of one’s own being, and in the process to not become disoriented but to maintain just enough identity to be present as we undergo the countless transformations and transitions within. This is the daily bread of life, let alone spiritual life. Spiritual life just ups the ante by accelerating the process.