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A siddha is a being that has awakened fully. They have incarnated inside an incredible number of incarnations in the human form and brought it to its full potential of realization. Not only realized the potential of that human form, but mastered it completely.

To come into contact with such a being is of such great fortune that it cannot even be measured. To even hear their name, to hear of them, to think a thought towards them is to invite a flow of energy towards you of massive, oceanic proportions. To come into contact with them, to align your life with them, is to be bound up in this incredible sweep of profound dharma, of profound love, of profound will.

It’s so intense that it has a funny side to it. When I personally met my guru, Swami Muktananda, I was going to art school and playing rock and roll. And now here I am, a spiritual teacher in Los Angeles. How that happened, who knows? The contact with him exploded my life, and I’ve been swimming in this stream for some twenty-plus years and unfolding the process that we call grace, absorbing the dynamics of yoga and meditation by breathing.