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We are bound by our karma; it is the law of cause and effect. Every desire must be fulfilled, however incidental or misdirected it was when you produced that energy. You pulsed with the energy of life at that quality of desire and you produced a seed of karma that is present inside your mind stream and follows you from lifetime to lifetime.

The guru is the incarnation of mercy. There is one single guru that flows in infinite directions like a sun and arises in countless times and places and personalities. Wherever the presence of mercy is required, then the guru incarnates and generates relief from the relentless law of karma. Contact with the guru results in the elimination of the obstacles of your past karma at a super-rapid rate. This is the gift inherent in the transmission of grace. Oceans of karma from past actions are vaporized instantaneously.

The grace starts to go through the layers of your being as if it were peeling an onion, layer after layer. It does so at varying rates of speed based on the strength and courage and destiny of the individual. Some people will quite literally gain enlightenment upon contact with the guru. They’ll meet the guru, the guru will say something to them, strike them, touch them in some way and in that instant, they awaken and become enlightened. Every time you come in contact with the guru, that enlightenment is absolutely present and full. What you’ll oftentimes be dealing with is the length of time it takes an individual to move through their karma and get back to ground zero, so that the process of illumination and enlightenment can take place.