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The transmission of grace from the guru releases the vibration of enlightenment within the human form. Before this, the individual usually exhibits patterns of behavior that are entangled with the fulfillment of desire. With the transmission of grace, a metaphysical chemical reaction takes place in the heart and mind of the seeker, and enlightenment gets thrown online directly.

The individual no longer seeks solely to fulfill their desires, their emotional and psychological necessities; they develop a love for that aspect of God that can only be called the truth. Like an addiction, they become sensitized to truth and seek it out. At the same time, the grace begins to neutralize the hungers, the appetites, the desires within the psyche, all of which, one by one, are transubstantiated into one taste, this one flavor that can be called truth.

This experience has been called the first joy – to seek and find the one taste in all things, the flavor of truth itself. Rather than being caught on the surface of phenomena, your heart and mind go to the truth of a thing spontaneously. They will seek out truth, and respond to the truth of a thing without words, without conceptual foundation. The individual now observes the presence of truth in all things to whatever degree it is present. One’s heart and mind form an ever-increasing attachment to truth, and you are inexorably drawn to the presence of truth in all things.