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The transmission of grace is like a blast to the internal structure of your being and tends to be disorienting. If the spiritual seeker does not have the ability to stay balanced and to continue functioning within the arrangement of their life as the grace pours in, this disorientation becomes an obstacle. Selecting a path with heart will give you the balance and endurance you need to hold true to your course and see it to the end.

A path with heart connects you to the internal flow of life, and all your strength flows from within. You don’t have the sense that you need something, or that something is lacking. You can maintain an anchor to your identity and feel like yourself no matter how demanding the process becomes. Your attention won’t be diverted, and as a result you’ll burn through all your karma very quickly with a minimum of suffering and effort.

This is how you test for a path with heart. The path with heart is not about feeling good or feeling bad. Many have been lead to believe that a path with heart has less suffering on it. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s just as much suffering on a path with heart as with any other. But the path with heart has the virtue of being the true path for you, and when good fortune comes your way you will be able to move swiftly enough to take advantage of it, and when bad fortune comes your way you will be strong enough to withstand it.