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The transmission of grace given by the guru produces an instrument of awakening that is virtually perfect. All the aspects of an individual are ripened, even those that lay deep beneath the layer of consciousness in the depths of your being. At the same time, your identity is sustained; your assembly of reality is preserved so that the main thing you feel is the pressure of the dynamic force of creation as the transmission moves through your system and burns off the karma. Your life changes. Something was there and now it’s gone, you feel yourself becoming clearer and clearer.

How quickly you ripen depends on your hunger to know God. To what degree are you willing to surrender to this indescribable and unknown quality we call God? You might think that if you were fully aware of all of the aspects of this process as it unfolded within you, that this would speed things up. The truth is that if you were made aware of all of the dynamics of the grace as it moved through your system, you would immediately become disoriented and fearful, and this would be deleterious to the process and end up slowing things down.

The guru’s grace is the ingredient that prevents this from happening. And this is why they say that you don’t want to enter the path without a guru, and you want to look for a guru that has had a guru, so that you’re not dealing solely with a single individual and their own personal level of realization and enlightenment, but you’re dealing with the cumulative effect of the transmission of grace as it has passed from guru to guru to guru, in an unbroken chain.