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Why doesn’t every cause produce the desired effect?

Often times we think in terms of ‘my’ karma or ‘our’ karma. If it were that simple it would be a lot easier. But all of us end up dealing with the compound karma of the whole until we understand that the wielder of that karma does not and never has existed. As long as you believe in an ‘I’ and believe that you exist, that you are the perceiver, that you are the doer, you will experience the pressure of the collective force of all of your accumulated karma as well as the collective force of the karma of the whole world system. You buy into the collective force of an entire world system by believing in the imputed terms of ‘I.’

The imputed terms of the bound and conditioned soul hold you in place. It’s much like being tied to a tree in a terrible storm. You can’t escape, you are stuck where you are, and the onslaught of the collective force of your own actions and the collective force of the world system pound on you and pound on you until in the end you are inevitably worn down and tired out by all that pressure. Over the course of a lifetime, you can see the record of this pressure on a person that’s lived sixty, seventy, eighty years.