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The identity of the ‘I’ consciousness is actually an assembly of qualities: the reflex of the ego, the list-making capacity of the intellect, the operation of the senses, the dynamic of memory and its chain of associations, not just from this life but from all lives. This is the idea of emptiness. At no point are you absolutely you. You were always just an assembly of qualities.

When you meditate with a teacher who enters into samadhi, the incoming wave of consciousness dissolves this assembly of qualities. The apparent solidity of the ‘I’ consciousness seems to flicker in and out of existence. It only seemed real because it was interconnected and interlocked.

It’s not as if you disappear. What disappears is the apparent separation between you and consciousness. From the standpoint of the world you’re flickering in and out of existence. But from the standpoint of consciousness, where did you go? You were always there. Life is just a dream.