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In an unawakened condition, your consciousness moves from one place to another with no continuous line. You feel this, you think that, you remember something else, and because they happened next to each other you associate them with each other, completely randomly and with no real reason. You come up with a general flow of associations and somehow you sketch together a life out of that, but there is no continuousness between those events.

Underlying all this is a flow of light, a flow of consciousness that is continuous. You have to learn to get to the point where you can embed yourself in that flow of consciousness. When this occurs you experience continuousness, and you can feel this thread unfurling at any time, any place, in any lifetime. Once this happens, your journey is very swift and very true. The compass reads correctly and you will make choices not out of the random selection of the unfolding of your karma and desire-based choices, but from a deeper place.