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The recognition of consciousness is the swiftest and most profound pathway to enlightenment. It is one of the most powerful forms of Shaktipat, a reflex of consciousness itself—consciousness recognizing consciousness. This takes place in you as you. One simply recognizes the truth of the nature of self as consciousness. The relative perceiver of the self ruled by the egocentric identity becomes aware of the totality of its own nature. This recognition can take place in the space between the breaths.

The basis of the idea of recognition of consciousness is that the assembly of identity arises out of the expression of truth itself. No second thing ever occurs. The individual takes an inner journey through the subtle fabric of identity, clearing a pathway from the tier of attention ruled by the sensory fields all the way to the supracausal body of pure consciousness—Atman. As the individual approaches this point of infinite consciousness, the qualities of personal identity are absorbed until the individual drop finally merges into the ocean and they become a single thing. Because there is only one thing—the ocean of consciousness—when that truth is realized by a single person it produces an explosion of consciousness that arises in everyone.