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You need to learn to adhere to the discipline of your spiritual practice in order to continue pushing yourself to ever-higher levels of consciousness. Once you get Shaktipat, it’s best just to ramp up the level of spiritual energy inside your system and deal with the challenges this brings on. There will be times when you run up against changes in your life that will be very difficult. This is why discipline in spiritual practice is so important.

When you’re inspired and everything seems to be moving along effortlessly, it’s easy. But inspiration comes and goes, it’s not a constant. There will be times when you hit a difficult phase of your practice and you just have to grind it out for a while. Hold to your discipline, because even if it doesn’t seem like it, you’re making spiritual progress. Truth be told, most spiritual students are not very good judges of their own spiritual progress; what they think is progress and what they think is not progress is almost always wrong.