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The word liberation is often used to refer to the fulfillment of spiritual life. The idea of liberation always sounds good to everybody when they hear about it; but liberation from what? It is liberation from your belief in the personal identity. There’s a crisis that takes place in every person’s spiritual life as they approach this point.

One of the effects of meditation is that your consciousness is accelerated so that it no longer needs the support of the identity structure of ego, intellect, and memory; your consciousness begins to operate outside of the matrix of personal identity. As the event of liberation actually approaches, its reality — the annihilation of personal identity – becomes very evident; and then suddenly, everyone becomes very attached to their individual identity.

Why? Because as you glimpse that ocean of infinite consciousness, its sheer vastness is terrifying, and a hunger arises for the familiarity and simplicity of the personal identity; you hang on tooth and nail as you are irresistibly swept beyond the bounds of individual identity and plunged into the ocean of universal consciousness. This is a profound shift, and once you make it, you are changed forever.