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Death is inside you at all times. It’s part of you, not separate, but a simultaneous event. It is the vibration of “not life.” Like the dark side of the moon, it’s always there, you just can’t see it.

The longer you live in your body, the easier it is to see death. At first, the newness of the body is overwhelming, and because your mind operates in a linear state, dominated by the senses and the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep, you can’t see death within you. But as you become familiar with your body as you wear through the fabric of your life, your awareness will change, and your death will make itself more evident to you.

Like a wind, death matches the circadian rhythms of the planet, moving through your body and striking you once a day. When you are still and totally present, and your mind moves into its universal state where it begins to operate according to the spontaneous truth, you will be able to see death within you and witness the event of being struck by its rolling force. When death strikes your body at just the right point, it will kill the body. The event we technically characterize as death is the separation of the mind and the soul from the body. How you manifest the illusion of your death matches your karma—by illness, by accident, by decay.