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At first, the individual seeks completion in their personal happiness, and will make choices based on this. Like a child that has not understood the situation to any depth or degree, when faced with a negative situation, they will attempt to shield themselves from it, hoping to avoid its impact.

By generating action based on a reaction to a negative condition, by attempting to shield them from it, the individual guarantees the experience of the negative event to its fullest degree. Having cut themselves off from it, they will remain uninformed of its true nature.

As the individual matures, they come to understand that judging events is completely subjective; unless you are very wise, you’re going to be wrong about the true nature of an event when it occurs. Time and again you come to see that things that seem negative in the beginning end up being the greatest blessings, and vice versa. So you learn not to react to events that appear to be negative; you remain in connection with all situations. Being present with them and feeling them, you learn from the information they provide, and in so doing, you are uplifted by them.