The Guru Gita iPhone App: Technical Tips to Enhance Your Use


book reader

The Guru Gita app presents a single page at a time. To move between pages, simply swipe from right to left to go to the next page, or swipe left to right to go to the previous page. This provides an animated page “turn”. You can also tap on the bottom half of the screen to go to the next page, and tap in the middle part of the screen to go to the top page. Tapping will go immediately to the next page with no animation. Use the pinch gesture to adjust the font size. Squeezing will reduce the font size, expanding will increase the font size. The reader uses the full screen to display text and images. Tap in the top part of the screen to display a control area for more advanced functions.

In the top left corner of the control area is a button that reverses the text display. This will toggle between black text on a white background, and white text on a black background.

In the top right corner is a button that will call up the book’s Table of Contents. This allows you to jump to any chapter in the book.

The middle area displays the book title, author, current chapter, and a progress bar.

Below the progress bar is a text window. Tap this to display the keyboard and enter your search text, then tap the Search button in the keyboard. The page will display with the search text highlighted.

To jump to the previous or next instances of the search text, tap the buttons to the left or right of the edit field. If the button isn’t visible, it means that there are no more instances in that direction.




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