The Guru Gita: 108 Verses For Awakening

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The daily recitation of the Shri Guru Gita is one of the practices of the Hard Light Center of Awakening for one simple reason… as Mark Griffin says: “I am teaching you this about the Guru because I believe it’s your best chance for Awakening in this lifetime”.

The Guru Gita is the core section of 352 sutras in the latter portion of the ancient Indian text known as the Skanda Purana. Gita means song, and indeed these sutras are a song in praise of the Guru, and in recognition of the power of contemplating the Guru’s nature, especially through the vehicle of the repetition of these verses.

Mark Griffin has selected 108 of these verses for the use of serious seekers – those who are sincerely interested in spiritual training. This fresh, original translation from the Sanskrit is specifically designed for the contemporary seeker. Mark’s recitation is in English, as he feels that the meaning of these sutras is most important. The Hard Light Center also offers an online course in the Sanskrit pronunciation, and the Sanskrit is provided in Devanagari and transliteration in the two full-size books and on the iPhone app.

These 108 verses focus on the universal nature of the Guru. When the word Guru is used here, it is known to be more than an individual person. Rather, it is a universal principle, a catalyst for enlightenment like no other. It is referred to in the text as the Guru Tattva; tattva translating as principle.

The Hard Light Center of Awakening Guru Gita is seen in the feature movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts.(see IMDB)

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