Shri Guru Gita: Learn The Sanskrit Pronunciation

Sanskrit is known as Devanagari, which means the language of the Gods. It is held to be divinely cognized, rather than a language that was invented. In other words, it was recognized by the ancient rishis or seers as existing at a subtle level of creation. It is the language of the Vedas, the most ancient texts in existence. And to recite the Guru Gita in Sanskrit stirs the soul like nothing else can.

Mark Griffin has frequently spoken about the six chakras of the subtle body, and how each chakra has a different number of petals. The great Seers of Consciousness have recognized that each of the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet is associated with one petal of the chakras, which are also 50 in number.

When you recite a sacred text such as Shri Guru Gita in Sanskrit, it is as though you are using your voice as a tuning fork that directly works on the chakra system and the energetics of the subtle body. The petals of the chakras vibrate with the resonance of this sound, which is their essential nature.



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