Ideas for Engaging in the Study of the Guru Gita: The Sheltering Force of the Guru

In Verse 25 we read:

Tvam pitaa tvam cha me maataa, tvam bandhus tvam cha devataa; 
Samsaara prati bodhaartham, tasmai shri gurave namaha.

In order to cross over the abyss of samsara, I recognize you as my father, my mother, my brother and my God. I bow to you, my beloved Sadguru.


Just as our own mother did her best to offer us shelter, protection and guidance as she helped raise us, so too our Guru provides shelter, protection and guidance – but not just from the sometimes-harsh nature of the life we are living now.

The Guru looks to all our lifetimes, all our incarnations, all our karmas and stored impressions – and extends the loving force of a mother to offer us shelter, protection and guidance to be freed from the entire wheel of cyclic existence itself. This propensity to reincarnate over and over and over again without seeing through to the true essence of life is what is referred to in this verse as samsara.

Like a mother, the Guru gives birth to our spiritual life with the bestowal of the ultimate gift of Shaktipat. With the tenderness of a mother, the Guru opens doorway after doorway of profound experience for us, nourishing us with his own energy, clearing away our obstacles by the force of his purity and love.


With the strength of a father, he cuts asunder our attachment to our limited ego-identity. He sets out the discipline and guidelines for what the work of sadhana entails – daily meditation, Guru Gita recitation, constant mindfulness.

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