Ideas for Engaging in the Study of the Guru Gita: Prasad ~ The Greatest Gift

Here’s an idea for your Shri Guru Gita practice that’s perfect for a day that seems to be full of everything-but-time for deep sadhana: 

Take just ONE VERSE of the Guru Gita for study today. Read it several times in the morning – recollect it quietly to yourself as often as you can throughout the day – and end your day with reading it again. Even one verse carries the power of the whole, if you engage with it deeply.

For instance, consider verse 66:

By following the Guru margena, 
one attains the highest goal –
the realization of the bliss of Atman.
This is generated through prasad, 
the gift of the Guru’s grace.

What is prasad?

Prasad ~ A sacred offering or a blessed or divine gift given by the Guru. The bestowal of grace or divine help. Anything that the Guru blesses carries his shakti or divine energy, and a disciple is then able to partake of this energy through this offering. 

In other words, prasad is the ultimate Christmas present! The highest gift, attained only after countless incarnations, representing incredible good fortune beyond measure. What more perfect verse to contemplate for the day? For tomorrow, verse 61 also offers us the opportunity to reflect on the prasad we have received from the Guru.

Merely recalling my Guru, 
knowledge arises spontaneously.
Remembering him brings all 
attainments automatically. By
meditating on the Guru in this 
way, the prasad of my Guru’s 
grace delivers me to Realization.

The practice of taking one verse to go deeply into by itself, isolating it from the whole like this, is a wonderful addition to the sadhana of daily recitation of the entire Guru Gita. A verse often reveals deeper meanings as we turn it over and over in our mind throughout the day. It also works like a mantra, pulling us into the deeper reality of the Self, even in the midst of our daily routines. Write the one verse down and put it in your pocket, or on a post-it note beside your computer, or on your mirror as you brush your teeth… 

And on days when we can’t recite the entire Guru Gita, this one verse we select and hold onto becomes our thread of continuousness, the lifeline to the grace waves of the Guru.

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