Ideas for Engaging in the Study of the Guru Gita: Mark Griffin Speaks of The Practice of Guru Yoga

from Mark Griffin:

“The Guru Gita is an ancient text that describes the nature of the Guru. In this text, each word, each syllable, each line carries the actual form, or corpus of the divine nature of the Guru Shakti. The text describes the Guru in universal form, or the Guru, both in the personal aspect, and universal aspect. It describes the sublime activity of the Guru, the nature of the Guru’s appearance, the description of the path, and advice in the process of awakening. And each line describes a particular movement of consciousness within the inner form of the Guru and the Guru Shakti.

As the text unfolds, the presence of the Guru appears and unfurls. The idea of the sadhana is to listen to the text, capture the meaning of the words and syllables, and give rise to them within yourself. This is the Guru yoga. By reading or hearing the text and the description of the divine aspect of the Guru Shakti and the Guru nature, by recognizing and understanding it, you can generate that divine experience within yourself. You become like unto the Guru, aligning with the Guru first, and then merging with those principles by giving rise to those principles and placing them one by one within yourself. In this way, you are transmuted into the essence of the Guru, the Guru’s nature and the Guru Shakti. It is a very powerful sadhana, and as each line goes by, the mystery of the Guru’s nature is made apparent.

The basic protocol for the generation of the Guru yoga always begins with being open and relaxed in body, speech, and mind. Give rise to Bodhicitta and love of the Guru, and draw the Guru to the crown of your head. In this way, as the vibration of the sadhana unfolds, that vibration of the inner nature of the Guru begins to appear spontaneously in the Guru that is seated at the crown of the head. And as that vibration begins to be generated and increase, a vibration that we call the grace waves of the Guru Shakti begins to flow, descending into the system. There is a direct merging of your individual nature with the nature of the Guru and the Guru Shakti.

The Guru is a universal vehicle.”

~ Mark Griffin

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