Ideas for Engaging in the Study of the Guru Gita: Listening

A great question was asked, “Shall I repeat a mantra as I listen to the recitation of the Guru Gita?”

Listen to Mark’s recording of Shri Guru Gita with the understanding that each word he says is itself a mantra. No other mantra repetition is needed while you listen. In fact, the whole of the Guru Gita itself forms a mantra – a much longer mantra than most of us are used to – but this is part of the beauty and power of this sacred text.

Verse 26 of the Guru Gita tells us:

“The source of mantra is the Guru’s word.”

A mantra is a vehicle designed to purify the system and draw the mind within. The implication of this verse is very profound, in that it shows that every word from the Guru is charged with his enlivened consciousness, and carries the force of mantra with it. Think about what else this line means to you.

The idea of true listening also carries with it a vitality and a quality of interaction. As you hear the recitation, ask yourself – am I actively listening? Am I engaging with the content and meaning of these words, or have I drifted off into a state of meditation beyond paying attention? Have I ‘gone out’, or am I present? If you choose to meditate, see if you can find that middle ground so you can be deeply within, and simultaneously still present to the words Mark is speaking. Use the bellows breath to keep your attention sharp and focused. Or be attentive with eyes open as you listen. Experiment, and find the best listening mode for yourself.

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