Ideas for Engaging in the Study of the Guru Gita: Inner Guru / Outer Guru

As you study the Guru Gita, have you noticed that some of the references to the Guru seem to be pointing to a person who is the Guru, while some of the references are clearly pointing to the concept of a Guru that can only be understood to be within us as part of us? Which is it? Does the Guru Gita mean to confuse us?

Actually, the Guru Gita is intentionally pointing in both directions – within and without. The deep understanding to the question ‘Where is the Guru?’ is that there is in fact an inner guru as well as an outer guru. Both Baba Muktananda and Mark Griffin have talked about the outer guru of cause and the inner guru of action, telling us that it is the outer guru that triggers the involution process of sadhana, which in turn brings us to the inner guru. The outer guru starts the work of awakening us, while the inner guru brings us home to our full realization.

As you read, recite and listen to the Guru Gita, you can deepen your appreciation of this profound concept by looking at each verse and asking yourself ⌊which aspect of the Guru is this verse pointing to”? In fact, entire new levels of revelation will dawn for you if you go through the entire Guru Gita with the viewpoint that each expression of the Guru is about the outer guru – the physical form of the guru himself – and then go through the Guru Gita again with the viewpoint that each verse is talking exclusively about the inner guru dwelling within you.

If you find yourself primarily thinking of the guru in only one way, or predominantly in one way, work with the Guru Gita for awhile intentionally leaning into the other aspect of the guru’s nature – for the reality is that the guru is both within and without.

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