Ideas for Engaging in the Study of the Guru Gita: Gurubhava – Become of An Equal Taste

Verse 106 of the Guru Gita speaks of a concept that is seen in another ancient text of pure mysticism – also held sacred within the Hard Light Center: The Six Session Vajra Guru Yoga. The key idea is based on the Sanskrit word GURUBHAVA.

Verse 106:

Complete immersion in the Guru – Gurubhava – is the most holy pilgrimage. Going to any other place of pilgrimage is hollow and futile. O Parvati, why go somewhere else to worship, when the big toe of the Guru’s foot is the ultimate abode of all that is sacred.


Gurubhava comes from the Sanskrit root bhuu,meaning “to exist, to become”. It is the expression or attitude of becoming one with, or becoming absorbed in the Guru, being totally immersed in the Guru, or identified with him. The word ‘bhav’ also expresses the feeling-tone that something might have: “it had a wonderful bhav”

In the Six Session Vajra text, this concept is referred to as “becoming of equal taste” with the Guru. Here are a few verses from the text illustrating that:

By the forces of having been 
requested by my strong plaintive 
yearning, to my root Guru, my 
sublime teacher, the Vajra Guru, 
the Cycle of Time, please come
to grace the crown of my head. 
By happily dissolving into me, 
we can become of equal taste.

and another verse…

The dakinis with powerful 
abilities, as well as our seats, 
melt into light and dissolve into me. 
I, as well, melt into light and 
within a non-objectifying state 
of a total absence, of emptiness I 
arise, once more in the aspect of 
the Sadguru, the Vajra Guru, the 
Great Cycles of Time with one 
face and two arms.

Vajra Guru YogaWhy do these ancient Manuals of How To Get Enlightened repeatedly point to this practice? It’s certainly not for the sake of the Guru. It’s for our sake as seekers. It’s a way for us to leap ahead in our evolution and connect with that which is enlightened. As the Guru is the representative of the state of enlightenment itself, this becomes an easy way to move into that state. Think of it as a shortcut.

The favorite meditation practice of Mark’s Guru – Baba Muktananda – was to identify each part of his body, mind and spirit with his Guru, Bhagawan Nityananda. In this way he experienced Gurubhava to the fullest.

It’s similar to the practice of Raising Bodhicitta that Mark also speaks about, as Bodhicitta is the state of enlightenment already dwelling within us. He also tells us that because Time is an illusion (from the perspective of the Vajra universe) – our own personal state of enlightenment exists now too. We can step into that state and realize our own awakening now.

These are all excellent practices for holding the state of realization keenly in our awareness. This attentiveness on the goal actually propels us towards it.

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