Ideas for Engaging in the Study of the Guru Gita: Establishing Your Asana

Verses 102 and 103 of the Guru Gita recommend meditating on a white wool asana…


O Devi, prepare your seat well,
with the proper asana. Use a 
white woolen blanket placed 
over kusha or durva grass, to reap 
the highest attainments.


…the highest outcome 
is achieved when you recite
the Guru Gita facing north on a 
white seat, and realize peace.

The word asana means ‘seat’ or ‘posture’. When you sit on a particular cloth for your meditation each day, your asana actually begins to store the energy of meditation and becomes charged with those particles of Shakti – spiritual power.  As this happens, meditation becomes easier and easier. Simply sitting on your asana begins to naturally draw you into a meditative state.Asanas

Baba Muktananda recommended having one set of clothes put aside for meditation, with a similar intent. They too can store up the energy of meditation, and set the mind along the path to a deep meditation the moment you put them on.

And Mark Griffin has also spoken about the importance of picking a good place to meditate. For instance, he has recommended not sitting up after a night’s sleep and meditating in bed, but rather getting up and going to a place you’ve set up as an area specifically for meditation.  Sleep and meditation each carry a very different vibration, and the place where each activity is undertaken continues to hold that charge.

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