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Hard Light Center of Awakening • Transcript from God Guru & Self Intensive

Hello, everyone. I would like to welcome all 
of you with love to the intensive. Today we are 
scheduled for a very unique and special day, as 
this is the last intensive of the teaching cycle 
of 2009; thus, this makes this a completion 
intensive. Completion is a very powerful term, 
and it reads in the spirit and feel of totality, 
the touch of the truth. These past ten days, the 
lead-up to the intensive, have all been of the 
nature of completion. Very much like we do 
at the end of the year, just before the beginning 
of the new year, we begin to cycle and wrap up 
all of our details. And in this way, in the idea 
of completion, we do this both in the world of 
appearance, and also internally in the spiritual 

What I would like to do is dive right in with 
the opening meditation, so that we can connect 
with the inner reality of completion, and the 
essence of the truth. As we begin, I would like 
to ask that everyone begin to establish their 
seat, and begin the cycling of the profound 
SoHam. Everyone please give rise to love, as 
love is the speech of the truth.

You know, the truth arises as a form of 
consciousness so inconceivable, that it 
cannot even be approached by the mind. 
And it takes the form of consciousness and 
unconsciousness. The nature of consciousness, 
the nature of the truth is so profound, so subtle, 
that the condition of being that we describe as 
emptiness, a concept of consciousness that is 
totally void of qualities, arises as the object of 
consciousness. Emptiness is consciousness, 
object. Because we see that once we even 
define emptiness, which is a condition beyond 
any frame of imputed terms, either dependent or 
absolute, we consider consciousness luminous 
as its capacity to know. But in this sense, we 
could also call or consider consciousness, God 
– That. 

There is a slogan in spiritual training that 
addresses this idea that God, Guru and Self 
are one: they are a single thing. Slogans are 
often useful as they crystallize the mind, 
they crystallize the idea of something that 
cannot exist in an idea; in other words it’s a 
handle, a way in. Consciousness: God, Guru 
and Self arising as a single thing, God being 
consciousness, Guru being consciousness, Self 
being consciousness. It’s a powerful idea, and 
a very direct idea, difficult to grasp, in that once 
we are drawn in to this kind of contemplation, 
we begin to use the mind. The movement 
of the fabric of mind itself is conscious, but 
at the same time, unconscious. So there’s a 
kind of substance of unconsciousness seeking 
to conceive of itself as conscious. In other 
words, if God were an orange or consciousness 
were an orange, we would be forever turning it 
inside out for eternity, trying to find its center, 
its essence. 

There’s a subtle inference to this expression of 
God, Guru and Self, that God arises as That. The 
quality of its expression of creation goes through 
a series of events: consciousness, the throb of 
creation, the vibration of unconsciousness that 
expresses infinite multiplicity, first as sound, 
as mantra, and then oscillating into countless 
forms – the universe and all its objects. In some 
way, consciousness exploded into the creation. 
Why did this occur? Nobody knows. It is said 
that it occurred as a whim. It can be said that 
it occurred out of love, out of God’s desire to 
experience Himself, to know Himself, for no 
other reason than for a whim. We all know 
that love is very direct, very instantaneous, 
very swift. 

In this extraordinary impulse to know or to be, 
the creation arose. And in that instant, the first 
being arose, with total knowledge, as the creation. 
This being was a spontaneous combination of 
consciousness and unconsciousness; and in 
this instant the first Guru appeared. The word 
“guru” means infinite consciousness, gu-, 
and infinite unconsciousness, -ru. Matrica is 
always informative. There’s an impulse that 
arose at the creation. 

Then we must imagine a kind of manifestation 
of countless cycles of consciousness arising 
as unconsciousness, cycling, and producing 
a kind of momentum, a kind of operation of 
wheel. As this incredible throb arises from 
consciousness to unconsciousness, there begins 
to appear, in countless forms, a manifestation 
of increasingly subtle and increasingly base 
terms; and they begin to manifest both as 
vibration, mantra, and formation, mudra. In 
this we begin to see the creation of what we 
call the three worlds: the expression of pure 
consciousness and awareness that we know 
as mind becoming energy, that we know as 
mantra; and finally becoming form, as mudra 
– all of which arise simultaneously. 

Countless forms of consciousness arise in this 
expression. There are beings that exist in the 
mental fields and the mental worlds that only 
have the form of mind. They do not take the 
form of energy, they do not take the form of 
matter – they live in a purely mental sphere. 
At the same time, you can say that there are 
forms of consciousness that live and arise as 
pure energy. They’re like electrical forms. 
There are countless universes of pure mind, 
pure energy. The smallest envelope of this 
throb of creation is matter. 

Human beings are unique in that we are one 
of the forms of life, of existence, that have 
an aspect of our being in the world of pure 
mind. We have an aspect of our being that is 
in the world of pure energy; and we also have 
an aspect of our being that is in the form and 
world of pure matter, our physical bodies. Not 
only that, there is a part of our being that is 
hard-wired into pure consciousness. Each of 
these bodies exist in each of these components 
of creation. This is said to be the unconscious 
aspect of consciousness and unconsciousness, 
because once it starts to become involved 
with multiple components of assembly, these 
multiple components of assembly of mantra and 
mudra, vibration and formation, matter, begin 
to act as veils to the supremely subtle nature of 
the truth, that has never gone anywhere. 

It arose simultaneously, and you yourself were 
created at that moment. Simply put, what I’m 
saying is that you have a layer of matter that is 
your physical body, you have a layer of energy 
that is your subtle physical body, you have a 
layer of mind that is your causal body. And you 
have a component of being that arises as That, 
as the Self, as Truth. It is the fourth body, the 
fourth state, the Atman, the Blue Pearl. Thus 
you exist simultaneously in four bodies, four 
worlds. It produces an unusual effect. 

Our existence is fantastic. And our potential 
of relative experience is absolute. We can see 
everything from every aspect. The point I’m 
driving at is this idea of creation exploding 
into a throb of consciousness, and that throb 
of consciousness of creation producing an 
infinite being of total self-knowledge, because 
there was no second reality. That reality that 
arises as God, at the moment of creation, 
we call the Guru. I always speak of it as an 
eternal and infinite spirit. It is the first impulse 
of the creation – all that consciousness 
manifesting as form, completely and totally 
conscious, beginning its cycles of density, 
from consciousness, to awareness, to energy, 
to matter. 

Inasmuch as your very substance arises from 
the origin of God, it’s inconceivable awareness. 
In the very matter of your personal creation, 
that impulse of total knowledge, that impulse 
of the pure Guru, arises within you, as you. 
You have this inconceivable consciousness, 
expressing itself out of love into the force of 
the creation, being totally aware, taking on 
the veil of unconsciousness simultaneously, 
in that it’s manifesting into a kind of cyclic 
existence. The seed that it assembles around 
is the Guru – energy that is half conscious and 
half unconscious, which perfectly describes 
your condition. 

This idea of cycling, pure consciousness 
exploding into unconsciousness, manifesting 
as the creation: the very first impulse produces 
the completely perfectly conscious being 
that has form and vibration; in other words it 
has qualities the second it begins to manifest 
in qualitative form. We are speaking of the 
nothing, the mirror-like phantasmagoria of 
the creation, the unconscious. This is the 
place we find ourselves here and now. We 
are simultaneously unconscious of our true 
nature, yet we are completely conscious. We 
arise, we are born with the completely total 
consciousness of the Guru within us. We arise 
knowing ourselves to be God; at the same time, 
we are unconscious of this fact. In this way we 
begin to speak of ourselves. We can describe 
ourselves as both conscious and unconscious. 
We are born with three relative bodies of body, 
speech, and mind, and the fourth body that is 
absolute and unchanging. It’s present within 
us; it’s not something that you have to invent 
or project or visualize – it’s there. 

The original being essentially became the 
first Guru, because of its nature of total 
consciousness and total unconsciousness. 
This is in a kind of cyclic chain of movement 
between consciousness and unconsciousness, 
between birth and death, countless forms 
coming into existence, widening their base 
and then dissolving into non-existence. In 
this same way, the three relative bodies, those 
manifestations of the unconsciousness that 
appear in the relative forms of mind, relative 
forms of consciousness, of energy or body, 
that come and go. 

This is the underlying meaning, the import of 
this very beautiful and simple slogan, that God, 
Guru and Self arise simultaneously and as one. 
When we consider the meaning of it, it becomes 
very powerful. It’s also very instructive. It 
is this principle that is the essence, the basis 
of spiritual training, spiritual awakening, 
and unfoldment and enlightenment. In other 
words, nothing is being created, nothing is 
being added to you; but this idea of awakening 

to your true nature, your true Self, your true 
condition, is everything. It’s so simple, it’s a 
fruit in your hand. It’s so simple to see beyond 
it, that in a glance you miss the point. 

One of the things that also seems to happen 
is that in this cyclic energy of creation, is 
that sentient beings move into the frame of 
awareness, existence. There’s a concept 
of evolution; in other words, a point where 
coming into existence becomes a kind of zero-
point. At that point you enter the frame of the 
wheel, the relationship between consciousness 
and unconsciousness. You manifest as God, as 
Guru, and as Self, somewhere along the chain 
of evolutionary phylogeny. 

Maybe you start over here, maybe you start 
over there in countless universes. Maybe you 
start as a human being, maybe you start as an 
animal. Maybe you start as a human being in 
one of the two thousand planets of this universe, 
within a hundred light-years of thirteen-of-
twenty-five – not that many human-based 
planets. But thirteen-of-twenty-five, this 
planet, is significant because it is selected as 
a cycle-point for our particular form, human 
beings – an extreme minority: so, so, so minor, 
minor, minor in numbers of formations of 
consciousness. Another slogan that’s always 
very informative: to see a human being is as 
rare as seeing a star at midday – there’s just 
not that many of us. But we are a tribe; and we 
all, as human beings, immediately experience 
the dynamic of birth, life, death, then rebirth. 
It’s one of the hallmarks of our form of 
consciousness. All forms evolve. And there’s 
the idea of starting at one level, and evolving 
upwards. In other words, you begin to manifest 
at a higher and higher vibration. More and 
more of your system, of your physical body, 
your subtle physical body, your causal body 
are infused with light and experience, with the 
numbers of incarnations that we’ve generated. 
Life is great. 

Oftentimes, though, when you run into a 
self, they are very aware of their immediate 
experiences: their sensory fields, contact, 
their desires their attachments, their forms of 
yearning; and aware of to what degree they 
have fulfilled their desires, and to what degree 
their desires have not been fulfilled. That 
produces an enormously powerful field of 
experience. Sensory experience is an incredible 
experience of a kind, but it is basically locked 
into experience that is connected to the body, 
mostly. But there is also an entire frame of 
experience that is connected to the subtle 
physical body, the field of pure energy, the 
causal body, the body of pure mind, and the 
fourth state, the fourth body, the experience of 
pure consciousness, all of which are as much a 
part of you as anything. 

I don’t like to frame the idea of opening up, of 
awakening, as something that must overcome 
the experiences of life, the experiences of the 
senses; but what I do say is that they’ve become 
too dominant. The way they’re hard-wired into 
the brain, they produce a kind of fog, where 
subtler forms of consciousness, subtler forms 
of experience, are blotted out. You could say 
that it’s a design flaw. The senses are hard-
wired into the brain, and just forces the brain 
into a constant turbulent churn, which is one of 
the reasons why, in spiritual training, we make 
an effort to slow the mind down, make an 
effort to stop the mind. It’s a skill; and it’s an 
important skill because it gives you the ability 
to calm the waters of the mind down. Just like 
turbulent water, you can’t see anything. It just 
reflects everything back, and you can’t see 
into its depths. It becomes still and limpid and 
you can gaze into its depths – same concept 
with all forms of spiritual training: stilling and 
slowing, and stopping the mind, so that you can 
see deeper into the matter of your own nature. 

Because, let’s face it: most human beings have 
very little experience of their subtle physical 
body, surface experiences of their mental 
body; and ninety-nine point nine per cent 
of their entire life force is dealing with the 
constant call and response of the senses and 
the physical form. This is in addition to the 
fact that you forgot that the Guru arises within 
you as you, as much as anybody; and even 
more so, that you yourself are God. So we see 
this effect of confusion, that arises from the 
constant churning of desire, the operation of 
the senses and dynamic emotions. 

This produces a kind of forgetfulness; so much 
so, that human beings can begin to believe that 
they can fulfill themselves if they fulfill their 
desires – desires which are a kind of combination 
of thoughts and feelings that are based on past 
thoughts and feelings, even forgetting the 
concept of self-knowledge, seeking to know 
one’s own true nature. There’s another slogan 
that’s very informative: the way to happiness 
is knowing who you are. It’s simple. 

It’s true: your life is assembled out of the force 
of who you’ve been, what you’ve done, and 
all those incredibly complex forms of cause 
and effect have produced and assembled this 
opportunity in this life that we occupy now. 
All of us have set in motion powerful energies 
in our lives of cause and effect, what is called 
karma. These ripen with irresistible force, 
bringing us benefit and experience of this life, 
becoming the experiences of this life, some 
happy, some sad. Thus we can begin to see 
the nature of the wheel. It’s easy to see how 
people get confused, get misdirected. But it 
is this framework of God, Guru, and Self that 
is the essence of spiritual training, and it is 
the basis of spiritual training here in the Hard 
Light Center of Awakening. 

Just keeping the frame inside the human race, 
there have been beings that have entered this 
field of regard, taken birth, and begun the 
process of awakening. They begin to open up 
their system, see through the lens of their own 
nature, their own life. They begin to see through 
the qualities of cause and effect in their material 
lives, of the world, into the subtle physical 
world of pure energy. They begin to see the 
impulse of awakening arising as that throb of 
force of creation, what we call the kundalini; 
and that energy flowing into the causal body, 

widening its field of apprehension, illuminating 
it. They come to see within themselves that 
the very heart of their existence, this incredible 
unborn energy, without origin, without end, of 
pure consciousness, what we call God, arising 
within themselves as themselves, and they 
awaken. It’s like waking up from a dream. 

It is said that the manifestation of the creation 
produced the first manifestation of the Guru, 
a form of consciousness that was assembled 
within itself. It was the entire creation, but it 
was half conscious and half unconscious. That 
was the first manifestation of the Guru. But it 
implies that there was a second manifestation 
– that the first manifestation of the Guru 
translated its knowledge of consciousness and 
unconsciousness. Thus there was a second 
form of the Guru, and a third and a fourth. 
This is the idea of cyclic existence and this 
quality of awakening, taking place in the three 
worlds of pure consciousness, pure mind, pure 

This takes place in the nature of human beings, 
beings so complex, they exist in all the three 
worlds and have a foot in the fourth world, 
pure consciousness. You only need to be 
pushed a little bit: hey – wake up. You’re 
already God, already arising as the Guru, and 
you’re expressing yourself as the Self; but 
you are trapped in a dream. It’s like you’ve 
been captured by the dream of the senses and 
the flow of cause-and-effect that has caused 
you to take countless births. Out of some 
impulse, as subtle and remote as the first whim 
that generated the creation, this movement of 
the Guru begins to flow through all forms, 
manifesting as the impulse of awakening its 
very Self. It is the incarnation of awakening, 
what we call Shaktipat. It is universal, but it 
is kind of like being struck by lightning. It 
seems to strike like lightning. Sometimes it’s 
here, but it’s not there. 

One of the reasons why this planet system, 
thirteen-of-twenty-five, is so important, is 
that out of about two thousand planets that 
carry human life – in other words, one head, 
two hands, two feet, two eyes, one nose, one 
mouth – here in this world system, Shaktipat 
exists. You could almost say that it is the point 
of Shaktipat for the tribe of human beings. 
Because Shaktipat exists, it manifested very 
profoundly, and was organized into seven 
planes, between the firmness of the earth 
and pure consciousness; the firmness of the 
earth being in the first plane and the pure 
consciousness being in the seventh plane. And 
lo and behold, all seven planes are hard-wired 
into the human form. What’s going on here? 
– a lot more than meets the eye. This is how 
evolutionary energy, phylogeny, a concept that 
suggests that forms evolve into increasingly 
complex forms – the more complex the form, 
the more its capacity. And it’s an absolute 

We see evidence of long-term spiritual activity 
here in this world-system; and particularly 
Jambudvipa – it’s one of its names. I 
particularly like that one because it translates 
as “endurance”, “the bearable”. It’s called “the 
bearable” because of the existence of Shaktipat. 
When we look at our recent history, and I talk 
about recent history going back some 50,000 
years, what do we see? We see the detritus of 
very powerful spiritual forces that have now 
kind of oscillated and become fossilized into 
religions and spiritual beliefs, and have gotten 
completely mixed up in various social and 
structural components of various civilizations 
through time. But what’s important is that 
we see long-term spiritual activity. In other 
words, this has been a place where Shaktipat 
has been operating for quite some time. 

Every single religion that we can name on our 
ten fingers, represents a training project, that 
came from the highest authority, high-end 
beings that have gone through this incredible 
awakening process, incarnated in human form, 
and started acting and operating in an awakened 
way. They were all different projects, 
designed for unique times; and they have 
this extraordinary life-span. It’s interesting: 
they start out positive; then as they begin 
to fossilize, they become very destructive, 
thus generating the need for a renewal in the 
project. I’m just digressing through this idea 
of evolutionary cycle of spiritual training. But 
all of them, without exception, take as their 
basis, this concept of God, Guru and Self, 
arising as a singularity. You, the Self, are the 
Guru; you, the Self, are God. It’s not poetic, 
it’s not positive thinking. 

Sometimes people will say, “Oh God – God 
is all good, and this is all bad. And I want to 
stay away from everything that’s bad, and I 
only want to do good.” But it doesn’t really 
work that way – it all arises as one thing. Its 
all conscious or unconscious. Yeah, there’s 
scary stuff, especially in the unconscious. But 
it’s not a second thing; it’s just consciousness 
in the form of unconsciousness – that’s all 
it ever is. There are modalities of behavior 
and activity that bring out the nature of God. 
There are modalities of behavior and activity 
that bring out the nature of increasingly dark 
forms of unconsciousness. And yes, we have 
to address that. 

We can’t objectify it away from ourselves. 
We’ve already objectified God away from 
ourselves. We’ve objectified God as something 
way out here, and we’re all the way over here. 
It’s a fundamental mistake, it’s a fundamental 
error. God, which arose as pure consciousness 
and unconsciousness, the Guru, is simply 
consciousness and unconsciousness arising 
simultaneously. It’s what you are, assembled 
as the Self.

The original form, the original manifestation 
of consciousness and unconsciousness was the 
first Guru. The second being came into contact 
with the first Guru and realized everything. 
The third being came into contact with the 
second Guru and realized everything. The 
fourth being came into contact with the third 
Guru and realized everything, etc. Even though 
there is a multiplicity of bases of operation, it 
doesn’t mean that there are one, two, or three 

Gurus – they’re just manifestations of the 
same energy. But beings that go through this 
process become very unique – awakening to 

The way it always happens is that you, as 
a being, have gone through the cycle of 
evolution so many times – you’re pushing, 
pushing, pushing. The struggle of evolution is 
dynamic, extremely stressful, and you come up 
against great resistance. There’s times where 
you just need a push – you’re so close, you’re 
so close. Then something comes along, and 
somehow those obstacles seem to dissolve; 
you’re pushed through an open door and you 
move into a higher form of evolution. You do 
this countless times. 

You could say that the Guru is the incarnation 
of the evolutionary spirit. It is the energy 
between consciousness and unconsciousness, 
where unconsciousness, having become 
unconscious, must become conscious again. 
It’s exploded as a whim, out of love, to know 
itself, into countless forms; but it must always 
reconcile its origin with consciousness. In 
other words, there’s no conscious thing that 
can just exist unconsciously at peace; it’s in 
a state of disequilibrium. And this constant 
struggle of awakening is evolution itself – it’s 
what drives the evolutionary process. It is this 
struggle to always improve your condition…I 
mean just look at everything that you’ve done 
in your life: everything you’ve done, you’ve 
done to try to improve yourself. All of your 
desires are seeking to fulfill some form of 
perceived lack. The process of education is 
evolutionary. The process of lifetime after 
lifetime is evolutionary. It is the Guru within 
you; it is the Guru Shakti that is always seeking 
to push this upward evolutionary mode. We’ve 
been trained in this particular time and space to 
objectivize and rationalize away the truth that 
we are God, to rationalize and objectify the 
fact that the Guru arises within us, as a constant 
force of evolutionary upward movement. All 
of this takes place in eternity, because this 
really does go on forever, eternally. 

Eternity is a reality. There are fantastic vacation 
spots, there are great destinations. You know 
how when you’re driving on vacation, you 
have a great destination, and you really want 
to get there, you’re really looking forward 
to getting there. But then you get there, and 
you do what you’re going to do. It’s not over. 
Then you have something else to do. Existence 
is like that. Everything that you think of as a 
destination now, is just a great destination; but 
it doesn’t end. It takes getting used to, I know; 
which brings us to another great slogan: life is 
not the destination, it’s the journey. Because 
as we go through these countless journeys, we 
gain experience. We finally begin to get some 
insight into our nature, we begin to find out 
who we are as people. 

Somewhere along the line, we gain the ability 
to, instead of a constant chain of external 
destinations, we gain the ability to look 
inside. We add to our force of evolution, a 
new energy, which I like to call involution. 

In other words, the same impulse that drives 
us around the planet, drives us through one 
activity after another, seeking to fulfill one 
desire after another, having those experiences, 
learning those lessons – all that has to happen. 
You can’t tell anybody anything, they have to 
learn it for themselves. It’s a really interesting 
thing: you take a person that’s started looking 
inside, and you’ve got the beginnings of an 
interesting person. Well, people are always 
interesting; but it’s a noted turn when they 
begin to look inside, begin to unravel the 
energies and forces of their own substance, 
come to some understanding and insight into 

Because this takes place in eternity, what you 
begin to see is that there’s this whole new effect 
in the field of the Guru – that dynamic from the 
very original Guru, infinite consciousness and 
unconsciousness exploding along countless lines 
of impact – we begin to see beings coming to 
total consciousness and total unconsciousness, 
simultaneously. In other words, they exist in 
total consciousness, but they also manifest 
in total unconsciousness; which is to say that 
they have a body. The three relative bodies 
of physical, subtle physical and causal, in the 
case of human beings, become flooded with 
consciousness; and the unconscious becomes 
consciousness. Inasmuch as that occurs, they 
begin to manifest the energy of Guru, infinite 
consciousness and infinite unconsciousness. 
Over eternity, countless, countless beings 
have had this experience; to the point where 
they have multiple incarnations of arising, 
totally unconscious and totally conscious, 
simultaneously. They tend to move from 
project to project, planet system to planet 
system; but if you come to understand human 
history, you can see their fingerprints on the 
shaping of society and civilization, in countless 
ages and in countless times. Not only that, 
you can see individual operators, beings that 
have operated totally consciously and totally 
unconsciously, say, here on earth for many, 
many, many times, in countless different 
personalities, different times, different places. 
So thus they have arisen as the Self, they have 
totally realized, “Oh yes, I am the Guru.” And 
even more, they have totally realized that “I 
am God”. 

In almost all cases, especially on thirteen-
of-twenty-five, when you see a being that 
is awakened, you will always see that they 
have come into contact with one of these 
manifestations of the Guru Shakti. It is 
just that contact, that touch, that produces 
the wave of awakening that sets the ball in 
motion, and begins an impulse of very rapid, 
very aggressive evolution inside that person. 
When that occurs, something unbelievably 
revolutionary has happened to you. You come 
into contact with the full force of God, Guru 
and Self, outside of yourself; in other words, 
it’s walking around in a body, walks up and 
talks to you, contacts you and touches you. 
When that occurs, the event of Shaktipat has 
taken place, the dynamic of awakening. The 
impulse of the kundalini is set in motion, and 
a course, a path of very aggressive evolution 
will begin to take place inside you. It’s the 
way it works. 

But it’s not some power that comes from 
the Guru, necessarily, that’s other than you. 
Remember, the Guru is already inside you – 
you are the Guru, as much as the Guru will 
ever be seen. But you’ve forgotten, you’re 
unconscious. So we have a situation where 
what Nityananda called the Guru of cause 
and the Guru of action. It’s not two Gurus. 
The Guru of cause is the generation of the 
Guru Shakti that is manifested, perhaps gone 
through a given being, and is operating in a 
world system as a Guru, infinitely conscious 
and infinitely unconscious. When you come 
into contact with them, what happens is that 
the Guru of cause speaks to the Guru within 
you. That’s what generates the Shaktipat, the 
way of awakening. It is the Guru of action 
that begins to flow inside that self, that jiva, 
that was in the condition of being in the bound 
condition of forgetfulness, being addressed 
to a very powerful course of recognition, of 
remembrance, of realization.

And remember I said, this evolutionary force, 
even under the impact of Shaktipat, can be 
very dynamic, very stressful. Just think of the 
energy of growth, just think of the effort it took, 
to go from birth to childhood to adulthood. The 
evolutionary force of Shaktipat is that, times 
a million. It’s conscious, in that it will apply 
itself to you, always pushing, but always inside 
the tolerance of existence, the maintenance of 
existence. Your life will change, your concept 
of self will change, your identity will change 
– your identity will change a lot, because it’s 
really God. You’re set in motion to remember 
all that inside you. It’s like the Guru-cause 
pushes the button, or pulls the trigger, and 
this process of the unraveling of incredible 
samskaric accumulation of countless lifetimes, 
begins to unravel. The raveling on of 
countless lifetimes begins to unravel, dissolve. 
Interestingly enough, the process of realization 
is not so much as something being added to 
you, that something you’re deficient in is being 
given to you. You’re just being reminded of 
who you are. 

This idea of the operation of, the expression of 
the Guru, is a form of grace. It is the way out. 
It is the way of completion, it is the escape from 
the wheel, and the pathway to self-realization, 
recognition of your true nature, the experience 
of yourself as God. The driving force of 
this grace is the exact same force that on the 
expression of a whim, infinite consciousness 
exploded into unconsciousness and generated 
the creation out of a desire to know itself. And 
having entered that creation, taking the veil of 
unconsciousness, that desire turns into the most 
incredible yearning imaginable, to recover its 
nature, and merge back into its true self. This 
energy, this yearning set in motion by the whim 
of creation, is what we know as love. It is that 
energy of total attraction, that having, out of 
a whim, generated the creation to know itself, 
entered that veil of unconsciousness, and sought 
to re-recognize its true nature, its true self. 
That disequilibrium produces inconceivable 
power of attraction and yearning, that filters 
down into everything. That’s what love is – 
infinite attraction between consciousness and 
unconsciousness. That’s why we see it in 

Why do we do anything? It’s out of love. 
It’s the energy behind every action. It’s so 
powerful, you almost have to learn how to use 
it, because…you know. Where do we see this 
idea of super-attraction, or love, go wrong, so 
to speak? It can be seen in a manifestation of 
greed. What is greed but love of wealth, love 
of money, love of gold. Nothing wrong with 
gold, but to love it too much will poison the 
heart, poison the mind, and produce incredible 
suffering. And it oscillates into what we would 
call a negativity of greed. Greed is a kind 
of evolutionary force, because we’re trying 
out things we want. But what has happened 
when greed has taken hold of our spirit, our 
soul? We have lost balance. We love gold too 
much, and we are willing to do anything to get 
it. Thus we become greedy. But the energy is 
still love. 

One of the definitions of what we call evil is 
basically things that are good, that have gotten 
out of balance. Or maybe were true one time, 
but are no longer true, haven’t gone away, 
and are having an impact, producing negative 
karma, negative fruition. Negative beings that 
are attached to that karma. World systems are 
born out of the projection of negativity. On 
one hand, hell exists. It’s a place of incredible 
suffering; it’s a sphere. But on the other hand, 
we have beings that are operating as Gurus, that 
are born as Bodhisattvas, that seek to be born 
in hell so that they can alleviate the suffering of 
hell. It’s not for everybody, but everybody gets 
to that point somewhere. Some people will do 
anything to avoid the suffering of hell; and it’s 
a good idea. The next thing you know, you’re 
incarnating in hell to alleviate suffering. this 
is, after all, eternity. It’s like going through a 
door and seeing the back of your own head. 

So we have the infinite consciousness of God, 
the truth, inconceivable beyond all conception, 
that on a whim divides itself between 
consciousness and unconsciousness, and seeks 
to resolve itself. The very first expression of 
the totally infinite consciousness and infinite 
unconsciousness is the perfect expression 
of the Guru. We also have the countless 
manifestations of consciousness constructs, that 
we call selves, or self. The expression of the 
Guru, the perfect equilibrium of consciousness 
and unconsciousness, is the manifestation 
of awakening and impacts evolution across 
countless world systems. 

Here in Endurance, the world system that 
we’re in, there are twenty-five worlds that 
operate, and all have human existence on them. 
On thirteen-of-twenty-five, this world system 
is the only system where the Guru operates 
as manifest, and Shaktipat is available. So 
everybody has to move here. Ever wondered 
where all these people are coming from? No, 
it’s not just manifesting from the first man and 
first woman that walked out of Eden. They’re 
pouring on from multiple world systems, 
because Shaktipat is here. It’s the only world 
system available to the human tribe, with a 
doorway. Is God not merciful? 

All this by way of description of the 
manifestation of the Guru Shakti as grace. 
Here in Hard Light, that is driven by one 
energy, and that is love. When you touch love 
you know it. It can’t be mistaken. It operates 
at every level of existence, from the base – 
in the example we just gave of greed, as an 
inordinate love of money – it’s still love, it’s 
just out of balance. Up through the entire array 
of desires, all of them are love. You have to 
learn. Then we have this kind of division in 
this whole capacity of love, that is seen: we 
have personal love and we have divine love. 
It’s simple: personal love is connected to all 
the stuff – attachments, desires, all our forms 
of yearning. 

Divine love is able to strip out of love, all of 
its objects; and experience the pure energy of 
pure love, without connection to anything – 
love for its own sake, love in its own nature. 
As you gain knowledge of love, you gain 
the capacity to shed lesser and lesser desires, 
because there’s something about love that is a 
form of food for the spirit. 

When we gain the capacity to touch love and 
experience love directly, we are healed of the 
need for their objects; and we gain the ability to 
live and flow and breathe in love. Attraction is 
like a form of magnetism. It’s infinite energy, 
endless energy. As we learn to increase our 
capacity for love, we increase our capacity to 

The evolutionary force is one that expands our 
capacity. We become more and more complex 
life forms. So our power of experience is 
increased, our influence is increased. But 
involution is the beginning of learning the 
subtleties of the totality of ourselves. We are 
indeed complex, and our origin is obscure. 
It takes a lot of wisdom to see where human 
beings began and what they’ve been through. 
All of the dynamics of training are here in the 
Center, fundamentally simple: meditation and 
learning the various disciplines of meditation: 
pratyahara, the ability to stop the mind, the 
ability to attend to the breath, a kind of quality 
of concentration. These are all yogic skills 
that serve this awakening process. They’re 
like virtues of love. With love, your ability 
to meditate will deepen and intensify very 
rapidly, with incredible force. And with love, 
you will have the courage to go through what 
meditation will generate. 

The effect of spiritual training, the effect of 
awakening, is very profound, very powerful. 
It’s the slightest drop and the arc of your 
incarnations will change forever. Your 
life will change right there in front of you. 
You won’t recognize yourself, because this 
evolutionary force has been driven inward and 
you begin to evolve inwardly. With love, you 
will have the courage to face this evolutionary 
force. Oftentimes we see that when a person 
gets Shaktipat and the evolutionary force of 
awakening begins to act upon them and begins 
changing so swiftly, they feel like they’re out of 
control and become afraid. What you learn to 
do as you gain experience, is first learn what’s 
important. And as you learn what’s important, 
you start to shed external attachments. It’s 
not a requirement, it’s what you tend to do. 
Because this involutionary evolution becomes 
more important to you, you’re more interested 
in not so much controlling your external life so 
that your ego-centric identity feels happy and 
safe. You start to realize that it’s a constant 
effort that gets nowhere and never ends. But 
if you begin to evolve internally, you begin to 
manifest conscious awareness in every aspect of 
life, every aspect of the world; your awareness 
begins to expand into the other world of pure 
energy and the other world of pure mind. In 
other words, your sphere of experience begins 
to really widen. 

That becomes very exciting. At the same time 
it’s a little bit daunting. You should understand 
that when you’re feeling fear, when you’re 
feeling that daunted feeling, it’s the ego-
centric aspect of your identity that is sending 
you that signal, the ego-centric “I”: “How 
can I control all this? I was barely keeping 
up with what was going on before. Now you 
want to change the entire basis?” – a familiar 
argument. You’ll find inside that your love is 
kind of on a switch. When it’s externalized to 
objects and externalized desire, it will tend to 
manifest on a scheme of supporting the ego-
centric identity. But when you internalize, 
you begin to exist in pure love, and you begin 
to feel touches of Divine love; which, simply 
put, begins to shed the external objects of 
desire. So you say, “Where should I put my 
love?” You put your love on the Self, your 
true love on the Guru, put your love in God. 
And you’ll find this force, because love is 
dynamic. It begins to pull these incredible 
spheres of being, together. You begin to feel 
the interconnection between yourself, you 
begin to feel a connection with the Guru, and 
you begin to feel a direct connection to God. 

As those hook-ups begin to bear fruit, they 
begin to blur into a single thing. It co-mingles 
with the dynamic of Shaktipat, that is grace, 
and produces an irresistible force of awakening 
and internal involution and awakening, 
understanding and enlightenment. You begin 
to see the interconnection of all things. As 
you see them, you begin to gain knowledge 
and understanding of them, and your action 
begins to change. It is this process of grace, 
Shaktipat, and love that is the driving force of 
the awakening process. It’s the fuel that drives 
the underlying truth of the singularity of God, 
Guru and Self. 

The energies of your sadhana, I say, “Be 
mindful of the breath. Watch your breath. 
Meditate. Work on pratyahara, learn to 
stop the mind.” The spheres of blessing and 
transmission from the yoga tantra are like 
subject matter in a great university. They are 
virtues, these energies of God, Guru and Self, 
grace and love, underlying force. If you want 
to get anything done, you’ve got to keep it 
simple. I want to conclude with this one last 
thought: you were born, and so you’re free; so 
happy birthday.

This fulfills and brings to a conclusion the 
completion cycle of the intensive. This has 
been an extraordinary year, across the board – 
great movement in the spirit and the ripening 
of dharma in all of your lives. My life has been 
extraordinarily impacted. Very interesting 
day: completion sessions are always extremely 
powerful and complex – so much must occur 
so swiftly. The teaching cycle of 2009 is 
complete to my total satisfaction, a wonderful 
and extraordinary year, and good work on all 
your parts. Keep it up.

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