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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…


When you recognize the suffering of another, that knowledge can go in one of two ways.

You can be judgmental and feel that the person is getting what they deserve. When you do this you give rise to a lower, base energy. Whatever it is that this person has done or that they’re going through, you’ve certainly gone through the same thing yourself. But through a process of self-denial, you refuse to see the interconnection of all life as it resists the forces of ignorance and struggles toward the light.

The person can be just on the verge of coming to some new understanding of themselves and their suffering, and you slam them with judgment, locking down the situation and knocking them back into their pattern of behavior. Their moment of awakening is lost.

Or, through an act of will, you can give rise to love. Giving rise to love can be something as simple as not giving way to judgment. Judgment is a heavy load, both for the person who judges and the judged. Not passing any judgment gives the situation an opportunity to breath and produces a kind of spiritual uplifting.