Traveling to India with Hard Light: What To Bring

  • Shri Guru Gita book. Recited daily during retreat.
  • Light/cool clothing and appropriate wear for ashrams (modest is required)
  • Good pair of walking shoes
  • Sunglasses and spare glasses if you wear them
  • Hat (protect you from the sun)
  • Suntan lotion
  • Bug spray/lotion 
  • Energy snacks (protein bars & peanut butter work well)
  • Flashlight
  • Indoor/Outdoor Meditation mat/rug
  • Meditation shawl
  • Personal Medical Kit (items to consider):
    Aspirin, Dramamine, Senokot, Pepto Bismal, Kaopectate, Tagamet, Allergy/Decongestants, Contact, Gas-X, Tums, Alka-Seltzer, Melatonin, Vitamins, Bandaids, First-aid cream, cough drops, moist towelettes, eye drops, kleenex, instant hand sanitizer (Purel), shampoo, soap, towel, extra prescription drugs (if necessary), general purpose antibiotic (consult your doctor), toilet seat covers, toilet paper
  • Passport/money case (one that hides on your body is preferable)
  • Sleep sack (not required – recommended by a few seasoned travelers) 
  • Cytomax or Cera Lyte 70 — oral dehydration solution: restores all of the bodies electrolytes after sweating a lot (or a bout with diarrhea)
  • Small Spray Bottle for water (cooling off system)
  • AC Converter (50 watt) or (1600 watt)


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