On Retreat: Summer Solstice ~ Honoring Baba Muktananda’s Mahasamadhi

Sadguru Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa was Mark Griffin’s guru. Each year the Hard Light Center celebrates his passing with an extended retreat.

This year the Summer Solstice Retreat will be held at the Dancing Deer Farm.

Please see the June Calendar for all the specifics of this year’s Retreat.

To Register:  $750

from Mark Griffin:

“One of the things that takes place in the relationship between the student and the teacher, is that the teacher has the association of the lineage, the teacher became a teacher by associating with a teacher. That’s one of the things they say: if you’re looking for a Guru, look for a Guru that had a Guru, and that Guru had a Guru, thus and so forth. There’s a deep and interconnecting web, a very powerful network of Guru Shakti. On the Guru’s side, the Guru has to keep it straight, because he’s dealing with all the other Gurus behind him, that have attention like he can’t believe. And thus you become a person that rejoices in virtue. You give rise to love, you act from a place of patience, of kindness, of generosity. When you see it in others, you rejoice in it. In this way, there’s a general uplifting of all. As you give rise to love, as you make your spiritual force strong, there’s energy that flows through you and out of you, that is connected to your body, and floods the place where you live, and floods the neighborhood you live in. Where you go and the people you connect to, are all effected by it, and they’re networked. Shaktipat is a very profound and very pervasive idea, that operates in this way. Become agents of the Shakti, agencies of grace, agencies of the Guru.

An idea that is deeply present in the Guru-disciple relationship is that the student request that the Guru turn the wheel of the dharma. It is possible that a person gets into an awakened condition – they go through a lot of effort, a lot of work to get into an awakened condition, they’re going into samadhi. In some cases they will withdraw from the world, they will not be seen, they will work inside. But there’s also a situation that recognizes the necessity of dynamic action, the bringing of the principles of dharma to the world. The Guru doesn’t exist in a void; the Guru comes into existence out of necessity, to meet the spiritual necessity of groups of ripening souls that are appearing in a given time and a given place. It is a cause that actually drives the effect – the Guru is the effect, and the cause is the student. There’s the implication of requesting teachings, requesting that the teacher turn the wheel of the dharma, give rise to the internal mandala, and speak from that place in the world.

It is of historical note that the Guru mandala that is created here in these two days is of special intensity, special power, in the recognition of Muktananda’s Mahasamadhi, in its astrological condition. It makes it possible to produce a very potent and profound expression of the Guru tantra. You should also understand that the being that is/was Muktananda is a being of profound import inside the lineage. He is a cross-lineage superstar, that has been a part of many, many major spiritual operations through the epochs of time, historically significant. He’s a serious operator; and thus we have the benefit of being connected to that. It’s the kind of thing that in a dicey situation, you bring the name Muktananda up and problems clear away, doors get kicked open.

There is something special in the dynamic relationship that takes place between student and teacher, when both are incarnate and occupying the same world system. For instance, I’ve had the experience of having a teacher that I could go see and sit with every day; and in learning to sit close, could hear the truth. Then the day came when that opportunity went away. It’s not like he disappeared, he just went to a world system that is not apparent, and not in this world. So, in a way, it made it more difficult to stay in communication with him; but it’s an interesting situation. And it’s something that you recognize as important. It shows intelligence, that you understand the situation as it is. You’ve actually gone around the world many, many times, and not run into a walking, talking, breathing Guru, capable of giving Shaktipat, unwinding the samskaras and content, and expressing the truth of emptiness and the Ocean of Consciousness. Just seeing what it looks like is everything, seeing it and feeling it. It’s one of the reasons why I always do special meditations, especially on these big days, the day of the solar return of his Mahasamadhi, the day of the lunar return of his Mahasamadhi. It’s easy to feel close. I’d always do it before I met all of you, and now that I have met all of you, I still do it, and invite you to it – invite you to come and share it with me. That particular form won’t be seen again.”
~ Mark Griffin, October 2009

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