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Month Two “Just writing to tell you how amazing the DYP materials are. It is so concise and you’ve made the concepts clear, approachable and absorbable. Not only that, although I’ve heard Mark talk about these concepts many times in many ways, I got a new understanding reading your materials. And probably will every time I read them.”
~ ZC


“I absolutely love the new Deepen Your Practice program. The guided questions are thought provoking and provide an opportunity to continually mine through any blocks on the path toward enlightenment. The questions also help one focus and reflect as a student of Mark. Listening to him talk and reading along as he speaks is invaluable. I can now stop and hone in on aspects of his discussions that I may have previously missed. Technically, the program is simple and easy to access. I especially love the Deepen Your Practice in addition to being able to listen to Mark via guru radio streaming. Being able to study and revisit his talk is invaluable to moving my practice to the next level of growth!” ~ CM


“The DYP course has been very useful. After about 60 mins of meditation in the morning of October 3, I began reading the DYP course material and I got about as far as the mention of the thunderbolt when the actual experience of the thunderbolt happened in a way which felt a lot like the last time I met Baba Muktananda. There was a lot of internal streamings of prana shakti for hours afterwards. As you probably can tell… I’m very happy with the course.” ~ DM


“I just logged on to the DYP page and I’m SO pleased with it…. everything works perfectly!! I was able to download the audio to my iTunes as well as view and download the text, all seamlessly. I was very happy to find the glossary, such a welcome feature for this fledgling student, and the tutorial and videos are nice features too. It’s obvious that a great deal of thought and effort was required to prepare and present the material in this electronic format, and I am most grateful for a job well done! I am smiling as I begin to experience this month’s teachings…Thank You!!” ~ PA


“This course is amazing and so articulate, building on one principle after another… and then to have this third month of practice. No wonder I used to find meditation difficult. I learned more from this month than in all my years in zen, vipassana and siddha yoga. I actually believe I can do it now.” ~ PM


“I’ll start by saying that I love to read, and I imagine that many of you do. But I also would say that there’s reading and there’s reading. I discovered seven or eight years ago, that when I get up in the morning, I like to make a tall cup of tea and read something for edification, something that I call contemplative reading. I’d been doing that before this course came out, but this course has been added to the repertoire of what I use to read in the morning. It’s really a very nourishing experience; and I’m choosing that word because I think that contemplative reading really nourishes the mind and deepens understanding. And right understanding I think is really one of the integral elements of a robust spiritual life. I love listening to talks, but the experience of reading them comes in very differently. We have the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain; and my left side of the brain does need to read, in order to deeply understand, integrate and remember what I’m trying to embody and integrate into my life. So it’s been something very rich for me, and I’m grateful for how it’s actually been put together. It’s a very attractive piece of writing: the format of it, the size of it, and not to mention the incredible illustrations. I’m just finishing Month 5, which is on samadhi; and the visual images of that, that are included in the back, that are based on drawings that Mark did when he gave these teachings in a kunda, before I became involved with Hard Light, are just amazing to look at and to contemplate. So there’s that visual-image mode, as well as the printed word. I think those elements, added to the experience of meditating, listening to talks, and reciting texts, just complete the package of ingredients I need to really imbibe the teachings, and make them a vital part of my life.” ~ PM, PhD


Mark and a member of the Sangha talk about DYP (listen as you read):

I’ve been sitting with Mark for about eleven years. I almost started crying when you said you were handing us a jewel with this, because it really, truly is – a jewel in the sense that you can go home with his teaching – the lessons have been scaffolded. I’m a teacher, so when I looked at this I thought, “This is the kind of thing I do in my classroom.” I teach the students, I talk to them about writing and English, and then I say to these students, “I need you to practice this piece of writing.” What I found with Deepen Your Practice is that I get to be in constant conversation with the Guru, all the time. So it’s not only just the sitting down formally and reading and meditating, but it’s listening to his teachings. So I’m constantly in that conversation; and I’m constantly thinking about the learning, each step of the way. So it’s really calling on the student to come to the table, that this is a pot luck, it’s not a restaurant. It’s a great restaurant to visit; and I used to treat it as a restaurant. That’s the confession of a student that comes in and says, “God, this was really great. This was a really incredible meal, this has been so beautiful. In a few months, I’m going to stop by the restaurant again. Really what Deepen Your Practice for me has been, has been to say, “OK, what am I doing?” You talked about being active and passive. This is really about being an active student in your learning, on the road to enlightenment. I listen to it in my car, I listen to it cooking, I listen to it cleaning, and then I sit formally with it. That’s what for me I’m kind of being the info-mercial for this DYP; but honestly, I’ve got to tell you, for me it’s been…and I think it’s for every person, whether this is your first time sitting with Mark or you’ve been sitting with him for twenty years, it’s about saying, “I’m coming to the table with something.” I know with my students, they have to know the words to write the sentence to create the essay or the story. So for me this is about being an active participant in that story that I’m writing in this lifetime.


“I’ve been receiving the DYP for the past thirteen months and I just love it! Sometimes I listen to it, but recently I’ve been taking it to the gym with me in the morning and it is a completely different experience READING it! I’ve been sitting with Mark for many years, and so much of the time I don’t really know what’s going on, on the inside, but with the DYP, it is a whole new ball game.  There are diagrams, and analogies  that I’ve either not heard before or have forgotten.  You get vivid pictures and descriptions of what is actually happening when you meditate! It’s incredible. If you want to go deeper, faster, and feel clear and grounded doing so, then for goodness sakes, order the DYP…..NOW!” ~ LF


“I am deeply appreciative of the DYP course. It is affordable and rich in content. I especially love the hard copy, as I like being able to read it over and over to deepen my understanding. It is the next best thing to being with the Sangha in person.” ~ GDP


“I am enjoying my DYP course. Just knowing I can be connected to the Guru by listening to him whenever I can is a major boost. The series of materials helps me to stay focused on my meditation practice with the PDF file that I can refer to and the MP3 so that if I choose I can follow along with the teaching or listen when I am in my car. It helps me understand a little more about my sadhana on this path to enlightment. I am very pleased with my unfoldment and know it will continue as more is revealed. I want to encourage anyone who is contemplating getting involved in the DYP course that it will prove to be a very rewarding experience as it has for me.” ~ CK


“The DYP study course continues to provide me with a solid and insightful foundation of study and understanding of Hard Light’s teachings. The combination of presenting the material both in written and auditory modalities is powerful. I hear things on the CD that I miss entirely while reading the manual, and vice versa. And… reading and listening to the material at the same time enriches the teachings even more. Each and every month the sessions build upon and support each other. I can’t imagine a more efficient and effective way to expose ourselves to this exceptionally complex and esoteric subject matter.” ~ HS


“When I was first involved with the Siddha Lineage back in 1999, I was reading monthly course lessons written by Ram Butler. Baba Muktananda had asked him to do these courses for home study. The DYP is along the same lines for which I can read and reflect the whole month on the lesson at hand. These lessons are essential and are helpful in directing and guiding the unfoldment of my Sadhana, my practice. Most importantly I am being exposed to Mark’s Shakti, the Guru’s Shakti, and reminded that this process is happening 24/7 and the Guru is always there waiting, guiding, developing, and gracing me with his teachings. These lessons are very powerful and as long as I read them, study them, and meditate on them, nothing else can stop me from meeting my Self.” ~ FE


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