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ONLINE DIGITAL: $11.95 a month
Monthly audio via podcast; written material via digital PDF and/or Kindle eBook file.
This option is totally iPad compatible as well.


Your credit card will be automatically charged once each month; if at any time you choose to cancel your subscription, simply Contact Us and let us know. We’ll stop the automatic charge to your card right away. You can also choose to pay for 6 months or one year in advance, rather than the monthly charge.

If you have any questions about digital downloads, we’ll be happy to provide all the tech support you need to let you install and use them. Digital files can be played on your computer, loaded onto your iPod, iPhone or iPad, or you can burn your own CD with them. If you have a Kindle or Kindle app for your iPad (etc.) you can load your monthly reading component directly into that.



SPECIAL OFFER: Stream Pass Discount : $75.00
Your participation in the Deepen Your Practice program shows you are committed to your spiritual practices. If you would like to take that to the next level, we offer the Stream Pass package to you for the discounted price of $75 a month, instead of the normal $95 a month.

This means you could sit with Mark live for every weekly meeting and for the Intensive. The Stream is a powerful form of connection with Mark and the sangha, and many people write to us saying it was ‘almost like sitting with Mark in person’. The energy is palpable, and the teachings he offers from week to week are not to be missed.

Stream pass


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