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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…

The average human being operates their attention almost exclusively through the senses. The life force is entirely committed to desire-based activity connected with the senses. This behavior produces a churning within the atmosphere of one’s internal theater of awareness which makes it difficult to turn the attention within. It’s as if through the operation of the senses you were constantly throwing pebbles into the water, constantly churning the water, making it basically impossible to see past the phantasmagoria of the surface.

One of the first movements of attention whereby a human being is characterized as being a yogi is when, by discrimination, intelligence, and insight, the primary focus of the attention is shifted away from the operation of the senses to the internal seat of consciousness. The yogi seeks to take control of all the dynamics of their behavior and life force. When they seek to dampen desire-based action, they are simply seeking to allow the surface of the water to settle and clear so they can turn their attention within.