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Mark Griffin: Meditation Master

Mark Griffin is a Westerner who was born in the 1950’s in the Pacific Northwest. His early adult years were spent in the aggressive pursuit of higher knowledge and purpose.

While a young man, Mark’s studies in art and music brought him to the San Francisco Bay area. There in 1976 he met his Guru, Baba Muktananda. After years of full-time immersion in the study of meditation, Mark encountered a milestone of extreme spiritual significance – entrance into the advanced state of consciousness known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi. After Muktananda died, Mark continued to study with the great teachers of the Kagyu tradition, Kalu Rinpoche and Chogyam Trungpa, who supported the maturing and stabilizing of his abilities.

In 1989, after attracting several interested students, Mark began to teach meditation. He and his students relocated to Los Angeles and started the Hard Light Center of Awakening, an association dedicated to the art and science of awareness of the Self.

When Mark Griffin met Baba Muktananda he immediately realized that Baba was his Guru, his true teacher. Baba’s Guru was the great saint of India, Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.

Mark is also an artist. Visit his site:

We live in a time when many in the West seek to undertake the great journey of spiritual awakening. Success in this endeavor requires a reliable guide and a map of the territory to be traversed. Mark Griffin is a spiritual teacher or Guru who transmits the teachings and practices of yoga masters known as siddhas, spiritual adepts who have fully realized their true nature and who have the capacity to transmit the light of awakening to sincere spiritual seekers. Siddhas embody the teachings they convey to others and empower seekers to realize the truth they teach in their own lives. The process of awakening is an experiential matter, a path one travels rather than a matter of belief. Nevertheless, this process can be more readily understood and appreciated if it is situated in the context of yoga spirituality and the vocabulary that expresses yoga’s esoteric principles and practices.
All great religions or wisdom traditions contain contemplative teachings and practices. Yoga is the essence of the religious and mystical traditions that originated in India. Since the 1960s, meditation masters from India have transmitted teachings and practices of yoga to receptive seekers in the West who yearn for inner peace, genuine happiness, and an experience of the divine. Swami Muktananda was one of these great masters. He sought to create a “meditation revolution” by awakening the kundalini, the dormant spiritual energy of those seekers who came to see him during his three world tours in the 1970s and early 1980s. Mark Griffin was among the earliest of Muktananda’s Western disciples to receive shaktipat initiation in 1976. After years of intense sadhana or spiritual practice, Griffin entered the profound state of nirvikalpa samadhi and awakened to his true nature. After Muktananda died, Griffin continued to study with Kalu Rinpoche and Chögyam Trungpa, great Tibetan teachers of the Kaygü tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. He subsequently began to teach and to transmit shaktipat to sincere seekers, establishing the Hard Light Center of Awakening in 1989 as the vehicle for guiding his students through weekly study and practice sessions, day-long meditation intensives, and retreats.

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