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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…

Oftentimes we see that when a person first comes into power, the first they do is to play out their anger – ‘I finally have enough power to get away with expressing my rage towards the world for every pain I ever experienced.’ This is very immature and leads to disaster very quickly. What we’re interested in on the Siddha path is a mature and cultivated response to the idea of power and empowerment. You need to bring that force to bear so that it arises as a positive energy in your own life, and then to go even further, and begin to express that energy positively in the world and the lives of all sentient beings.

This is not something that just happens. It has to be willed, it has to be intended, and it involves lots of trial and error. It is the ultimate test that really never ends. Once you begin to understand power and understand that its source arises from the deepest place within you, then it becomes a matter of bringing yourself to have the courage and the ability to express that power and take responsibility for it.