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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…


A human being is composed of four bodies, like a series of layers: the physical body, matter; the subtle body, energy; the causal body, mind; the supracausal body, infinite consciousness. All vibrating at different speeds, yet present in the same form. They’re so distinct from each other that they might as well be different planets, yet in reality they are different vibrational aspects of our very own Self. 

Yoga is about establishing the points of connection between these layers, and love is the fastest and surest way to connect all points within the Self in an instant and bind them together. Love is the ultimate power of attraction that draws the infinite points of our Self to a single place. This is a profound form of pure mysticism wherein the container of body, mind, and spirit are fused together and transformed into something greater than the sum of the parts. It is the philosopher’s stone, the transformation of lead into gold.